The photos on this site are available for purchase through PayPal. When a purchase is made it is for the print only. Framing and matting are not included in our pricing. However, we do sell frames and mattes in our store so if you reside in the Kitchener-Waterloo area please feel free to drop by and we’ll find framing to suit your needs. Our print sizes are based on standard framing sizes available in most stores. If you would like to order a custom print size don’t hesitate to email us for a quote. All orders will be shipped promptly. If you purchase a print, please feel free to make a request in the ordering process for Robert Dorey to sign it. There is no extra charge. If no request is made, the print will be shipped without a signature.

[pricing_table columns="3"][plan title="11x14" featured="" currency="CAD" price="$55.00" per="ea" color="red" target="_self"][/plan][plan title="16x20" featured="" currency="CAD" price="$85.00" per="ea" color="orange-lite" target="_self"][/plan][plan title="20x24" featured="" color="purple-lite" currency="CAD" price="$115.00" per="ea" target="_self"][/plan][/pricing_table]